The concept of African Fashion Week is to promote and support African Talents, History, Art and Culture. LUXURE PRODUCTIONS LTD. organizer of African Fashion Week Montreal started with AFRICAN FASHION WEEK EDMONTON (AFWE.CA)  in 2013; African Fashion Week is spreading and celebrated throughout the globe in Nigeria, Lagos, South Africa, Johannesburg, Sweden, Stockholm, UK, London, USA, New York & LA, France, Paris, Spain, Barcelona, Italy, Milan, Canada, Toronto & Edmonton. It is not just a trend as African Fashion unique textiles, apparel, and flavor has emerged as a driving influence in the mainstream culture. LUXURE PRODUCTIONS LTD. have decided to replicate the concept in Montreal with the AFRICAN FASHION WEEK Montreal (AFWM).


AFWM aspires to become a landmark of talent and diversity in both fashion and culture. AFRICAN FASHION WEEK MONTREAL is an inclusive multi-platform where we celebrate, elevate and give exposure to local talents and businesses, we want to emphasize awareness, celebration, and support the African talents. Our vision is to create a sense of community through inclusion and togetherness between Africans, Caribbean, and Montrealaises and then weave that same community into the fashion industry.

“We feel it is important as a community to empower each other and celebrate together. We at AFWM firmly believe that it will always be Better Together." Those are the words of Gilles Wouanko Director of AFWE & AFWM.


Along with African/Caribbean inspired fashion and designers, AFWM strives to showcase art and culture. Local artists and designers will celebrate, educate and provide a social platform for industry networking, cultural and diversity celebration. Our program is carefully selected to highlight the uniqueness and creativity of Montreal talents, join us in celebrating our next edition.





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